Hi! I am a new guest contributor!

My name is Cary Martin. I have been invited by Denna to occasionally post about what I am working on, what is new in the High Falootin jewelry side of things and basically just what I find fabulous and completely necessary in life!

I am a local jewelry designer that Denna features in her Mt. Dora shop.  Here is some of my work at her place.

Cary Martin Designs

Cary Martin Designs

Also check my one of a kind mermaid inspired piece she has in her shop available for sale right now!: http://www.shophighfalootinjunk.com/item_75/Martina-Mermaid-Necklace-by-Cary-Martin-Designs.htm

I have been designing jewelry for over 25 years.  I LOVE to design Jewelry. I live and dream it. Sometimes it gets to be a crazy, obsessive PASSION!  I believe we should adorn ourselves profusely and celebrate ourselves as women.

Stay tuned, I will have a post soon with shots of an upcoming project I am working on!  In the mean time check out these incredible and very RARE vintage Swarovski Beehive faceted cabs I just ordered today!  Oh my.. what in the world will I do with these babies!  I really have no idea yet but I am VERY excited about these lovelies!



My plans also include occasionally posting about the metaphysical properties of gemstones (another passion of mine).  What is your favorite gemstone?

Ta Ta for now!


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2 thoughts on “Hi! I am a new guest contributor!

  1. Hi Cary- I’m an artist in Denna’s shop as well. Love your pieces. My favorite gemstones are aquamarine and turquoise. Can’t get enough.

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