My Next Great Adventure!

As many of you already know, we have closed the Mount Dora store. We originally were trying to sell it and we had a serious buyer, but as the old saying goes “shit happens”. We had grown very tired of the brick and mortar/ retail aspect of the store. It really took me away from what I loved, which was furniture painting, junkin’ and decorating. It also took me away from traveling to find all of the cool stuff that I painted and decorated with. Basically, I lost myself and after a lot of stressful days and sleepless nights we decided that it was best that we sell/closed the brick and mortar and go back to being a working studio and occasional sale operation.

The Farm

At the same time that we were trying to sell the store, we had found an amazing new home over an hour away from the store, but closer to our Ocala bail bond office.  We moved back to Marion County, which we absolutely loved and missed so much. For some reason Ocala just seems like home. Our new home is located on a 480 acre working cattle ranch and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful horse country I’ve ever seen. It’s just what I needed…to disconnect for a while. I will take the next couple of months to work on the house and do lots of painting. I will be blogging about all the projects around the house and cool things about the ranch.

What’s To Come

We plan to do a lot of shows around the country, but we also want to host our own show or barn sales. We hope to have our first barn sale in September here at the ranch. We will have other antique/vintage vendors, great food and live music.

Where To Find The Products/Artists That Were At The Store

Painted Furniture from Blue French Horn by Marcia Malloy can be found at When Pigs Fly on Donnelly St.

I will keep you posted on the others as the find new stores to call home.


4 thoughts on “My Next Great Adventure!

  1. Wow Denna! Good for you!!
    You are a lucky lady to follow your heart. Can’t wait to see all your creations.
    We need more good show around here, we are in if you want us as a vendor!! Goodluck….SueBee

  2. I am sad to see your store go, but HAPPY for you to be who you are!
    Life is too short to be doing things you dont’ like to do!!! Good Luck and I hope to see you somewhere at a show!!!

  3. Welcome to Ocala Denna, I know you’ll love it here. I’m sorry you decided to close your store but I understand where your coming from. I did the same thing two yrs ago and love refinishing furniture and shopping for that special antique old treasure that I can incorporate into something new. I hope to see you at some of the upcoming shows soon.

    • Hey Judy,

      Thanks for the big welcome. We love the area and always knew that we would eventually move back. We just never dreamed it would be this soon, but we happened upon the farm and couldn’t resist. We love it!

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