Road Trip…destination…junkersville…

What happens when three crazy women decide to take a road trip? We pack up the cargo van which only has two seats and one very questionable antique chair and we hit the road. I should mention that all of our significant others are definitely having mixed emotions about our trip. One is very unsure if we should be unsupervised, the other has ensured that I am properly armed, the other has been left with a list of to-do’s and a antique mall to run. They ALL think that we might just drain the bank accounts before we make it back.

I must say that this is a test run for an even longer road trip that we have planned for September. If we blow up the van, overdraft our accounts, get arrested, etc… we might not be allowed to venture out on our own ever again.

We will try to behave but as the saying goes…well behaved women rarely make history…:)


Thursday’s Trippin’ For Treasures {Lou’s Treasure Hunt in DFW}

I have a friend that is heading to the Dallas-Fort Worth area this weekend and I am green with envy. I wanted to pack myself in her suitcase, but she informed me yesterday that she had already packed and therefore I would have to remove all of her boots in order to fit myself in there and that just wouldn’t be right…leaving her without any boots to wear while in DFW.

Anyhoo…When I hear that someone I know is going to any of my favorite places they inevitably end up with a list of things I need from those places. So…I have constructed a scavenger/treasure hunt for Lou.


  • Curiosities- find some cool funky junk- you know my style
  • Uncommon Market- take pics… if they let you
  • Neiman Marcus Flagship Store- Take a pic of the outside. I’m too broke to ask for anything from inside, lol.
  • The Gypsy Wagon- Texas Necklace or anything else TX under $20
  • University Co-op – cowboy boot scarf

    Pic Courtesy of University Co-Op

Fort Worth

  • You gotta stop by Billy Bobs and see Robert Earl Keen on the 12th and pick up a Texas Flag for me.
  • Stop by Mavericks Western Wear and say hi to Kyle. He’s a cutie!
  • Go by 95.9 The Ranch – Say hey to Justin and see if you can win this t-shirt for me.

  • The White Elephant – Get a shot and get a shot glass.
  • The Cadillac – take a pic of all the cowboy hats {and whats under them} – Yummy!
  • Cowboy Church in the Stockyards- You don’t have to actually go to church, but get a pic of all the cowboys dressed up in their Sunday “goin’ to church” boots.
  • DHW – Architectural Salvage- take a pic of the coolest thing you find
  • The Old Home Supply House- this is a really cool place- enjoy!
  • Stop by Bess & Evie’s Vintage and score some amazing perfectly beat up cowboy boots {for yourself… cause I’m broke now and your exhausted from running around for me, so you deserve them, lol}.

I hope you didn’t have anything that you wanted to accomplish while in DFW…if so…next time let me hide in your suitcase, lol.

Road Trippin’ For Treasures

I have been looking all over for a vintage travel trailer. I’m sure some of you dream of a Prevost with granite counter tops and a king size bed, but not me…I’m looking for sometime a little more hip and funky than that. Something that I can make my own little travelin’ gypsy wagon. I can just picture myself settin’ off for parts unknown in search of good ol’ junk, with my happy little home away from home in tow. Here is what I’m talkin’ about…


They call her Buttercup. How cute is that? Pretty darn cute in my opinion!

But this one has a really cool matching truck….


Picture Courtesy of

and the Cowgirl Caravan…oh how I aspire to own one just like this…

The log cabin on wheels is truly retrofabulicious (yes, I just made that up)

and then…there is the SPARTAN in all of its shiny glory. It has the coolest curved windows in the front.

Picture Courtesy of

and the GLIDER…OMG!!!

Picture Courtesy of

Anyway…I’m on a mission. I want to travel to antique shows with all my High Falootin’ Junk and I will need a place to hang my hat and kick off my boots while road trippin’.

Wish me luck on my hunt.