Our New Studio

After months of searching we have finally found our new headquarters. It’s small and in the most unlikely of places but, I love it and I hope y’all will too. Its located in the teeny-tiny (seriously tiny, don’t blink kind of tiny ) Downtown Ocoee. I’m sure everyone has heard of it right? I wouldn’t call it a booming town center at all, but its quaint and charming (lest I remind you that I see potential in things that no one else does…duh… I’m a junker) but none the less, I think it does. Call me a daydream believer if you may, but it’s there, I tell ya.

Anyhoo…we were driving around looking for leasable space when we turned down a street that I have never been down. I spotted this little building and said look! Its perfect. It didn’t have any signage saying it was available, so I assumed it wasn’t.


There was also a space with big storefront windows and a turquoise (fave color) ceiling that was a pawn shop, although I had never seen it open in the year I’ve been here. I went to ask about a storefront and I described what I was looking for …a workshop space with a small showroom area…and most important…AC. Guess where he took me? The little building I mentioned earlier. Now a normal person would have said yes, this is perfect, but of course I like to complicate matters so I asked to looked at the storefront location as well.  I pondered it a couple of days and finally my friend said “I’m giving you until the end of the week to make a decision.” Basically she was saying. “I’m tired of hearing you talk about it, get it done!!”

So I took my friend and personal advisor (aka Jules) to see both spaces and do you know what she said? “Well clearly the studio is the one, duh!” At that point all the stars aligned and the angels sang and I was hurdling headlong into another big adventure, but not too big. I have very consciously tried to keep my big dreams from becoming overwhelming ones, as they have in the past. This time I’m going for manageable dreams.

So here it is…manageable…well, sort of…we all know that I can over complicate anything, but I’m really going to try to keep it simple…a studio that I can work from to supply all of my vintage booths and a place that I can host occasional sales. Yep, and I’m going to invite some of my other friends that are vintage dealers, artists and jewelry makers and we are going to throw some major shin-digs Ocoee style, lol.

As you can see I’ve done a little painting already. It needed a girls touch and a little bit of turquoise!

HFJ Studio 1 HFJ Studio 4




Gypsy Dreamin’

We’ve been seeing a lot of red lately…specifically…Emperor’s Silk Red by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. If you haven’t already noticed, I really love red and turquoise and once again have gone a little crazy with it. I’m pretty sure they have hidden the red paint from me now.

Gypsy Dreamin

Pippy Long Stockings Chandelier

Red Table

Red Bird Chicken Wire Jewerly Frame


Enamel Top Red Table

HJF Booth at Adjectives Market

HFJ Heart Marquee Light

HFJ Booth June Red

Anchors Away


Anchors Away

This cute little chest of drawers was inspired by my travels to Tybee Island. The moment I laid eyes on it, I knew what I wanted to do. It was hot mess (see picture below) but there was something about it that seemed so charming. It was the perfect shade of blue and once I began sanding away the problem areas, it became even more beautiful.

Anchors Away

Someone had removed the original drawer pulls and used an interesting replacement… I removed them and instantly knew that I wanted to use rope for the pulls. One of the drawers was actually missing and the previous owners had hinged the drawer face to the dresser which was very awkward and not very functional. I removed it and finished the area of the missing drawer with sand ply and then searched for the perfect beachy baskets to fit the space.

ANchors Away Rope Handles

Not allowing any good piece of wood to waste, I reused the drawer front to mount my nautical inspired wall hooks, which happen to be dock cleats.

Anchors Away Wall Hook

I painted the top of the dresser in stripes of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Pure White and Country Grey, which I felt complemented the blue without being overly matchy-matchy. I also like to finish off the inside of the drawers with fabric and I’m obsessed with anchors so when I happened upon this super cute yellow anchor fabric, I knew my vision was meant to be.

Anchors Away Stripe Top

Before (I always forget to take a picture before I start)


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Just a bunch of good ole junk…


Were getting back into the swing of things and enjoying our little space at Adjectives Market which we named Johnny & Gypsy’s Modern General. We must say that we do miss seeing all of you High Falootin’ Junkies  so we figured we would drop a line on our old blog and show you what  we’ve been pickin’ and painting. IMG_7050 IMG_7051 IMG_7085 IMG_7088 IMG_7255 IMG_7260 IMG_7261      IMG_7287 IMG_7289  IMG_7355 IMG_7436 IMG_7477 IMG_7478 IMG_7479 IMG_7480  IMG_7484  IMG_7486 IMG_7494 IMG_7495 IMG_7499  IMG_7501 IMG_7505Toot-a-loo…

Part II – Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Here it is…my Cowgirl/Red Licorice Kitchen. Whew! That was a lot of work and it took longer than planned because we had family reunion slap dab in the middle of my project, but it was a nice break, so I’m not complaining.

I mentioned in Part I that I would explain a little more about why I used wax to finish the kitchen cabinets. I also said that I would give a estimate on how much a job like this would cost as a DIY project and how much I would quote this job for. I want to start by saying that this is not a typical project. It is in my home so I used advanced paint techniques and bold color choices that I probably wouldn’t suggest to the typical client. I have bold taste and I have the ability to repaint at anytime if I need to tone the colors down a bit.

So first off…the reason I LIKE WAX, is  for the ability to touch up and blend in repairs without being able to tell the boo-boo ever happened. Okay, so you are saying to yourself…why would there be deep gouges, scratches and other issues that might need touching up? The answer…CAUSE ANYTHING PAINTED HAS THE ABILITY TO SCRATCH with enough force. I have kids, dogs and LIFE that happens every day. Not to mention, these cabinets are NOT even WOOD, so it’s not a question of if…it’s when it scratches, I can make the scratch disappear in minutes with very little effort. With any other finish they would need to be stripped, sanded and completely repainted. With Chalk Paint and Wax you can paint right over the old wax and then re-wax, making it all blend together…like it never happened. Now that is magic!

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty details of the job…

This job it not for the faint of heart or a first timer. There were moments that I wanted to sit in the floor and cry, but I put my big girl boots on and pushed through. I also made mistakes…I’m a human and I do make mistakes…the important part is having the knowledge to fix the mistakes. This only comes with experience and it’s the most valuable tool there is.

So all you DIYers out there here are the numbers…

China Cab 12
Island 15
Wall 22
Total Hours 49

and here are the supply costs…

Zinsser Primer $14
Chalk Paint ™ Primer Red (2) $70
Chalk Paint ™Emperors Silk $35
Chalk Paint ™Florence $35
Spray Paint (Hardware) $7
ASCP Clear Wax (2) $50
ASCP Dark Wax $25
Paint Brushes (2) Purdy Cub $35
Ultimate Wax Brushes (2) $50
Wiping Cloths $10
Total Supply Cost $331

Now for those of you that do not feel comfortable with tackling a project of this scale, here is what I would have charged for a job like this. Please note that this was more than just a single color paint technique. It was actually two colors (the second being a wash).

Cabinet Doors (Remove, Clean, Paint, Reinstall) 26 x $55 $1,430
Drawers (Remove, Clean, Paint, Reinstall) 12 x $40 $480
Pulls (Remove, Clean, Paint, Reinstall) 38 $25.00
Hinges (Remove, Clean, Paint, Reinstall) 52 $25.00
plus Island (same as 4 extra doors) 4 x $55 $220
Total Labor $2,180

Now add the supplies that labor cost and for about $2500 you have a whole new look. That is significantly less than replacing all the cabinets for a kitchen this size which, by the way is 15′ x 15′.

Here is how I come up with the quote. Each cabinet door is $55 and each drawer is $45. Obviously I’m not painting just the door and drawers…I’m also painting the cabinet itself, but this is just an simplified way to figure the cost quickly when doing a quote. Now there are exceptions to this rule when the kitchen has a large island that doesn’t have doors all the way around I just figure what it would be if the doors were there. (it’s simple, no hard math for me)

I just want to say this about painting a kitchen versus painting a piece of furniture…if it doesn’t turn out right, it’s a little harder to change out than a dresser or a table. It is a LOT of work and it is a major room in your house. It can also make or break your house if you are trying to sell it so make sure that you are prepared for the job if you are going to do it yourself.

Another note…there are a variety of techniques that could change the cost of this job, such as painting the inside of the cabinets and the doors, which is a lot more work and more money, but creates a very nice, finished look. You might also want to distress the doors, trim out flat panels or fill in holes for new hardware, etc, etc…which all changes the cost.

Overall it was a fun project and I’m glad it’s finished. Now who needs a kitchen makeover? I gettin’ bored already…I need a new project or I’m gonna start gettin’ into trouble, lol.

Happy Trails…


Furniture Paint Workshops

 Updated: The Mount Dora store is now closed. Please check more current post for location and hours.

Upcoming Workshops in Mount Dora, Florida

with Annie Sloan Mini-Stockist High Falootin’ Junk

More Workshop Dates To Be Announced Soon…

You will learn six different techniques using Annie Sloan Paints and Waxes. All materials are provided and you will get to take home your sample boards. This will be a really fun class that is suitable for all levels of experience with painting.

After this workshop you will want to paint everything in sight. You can transform your entire home with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  This class will teach you how.

Another Day…Another Piece of Furniture

Each day this week I will be painting a piece of furniture from around the Tavares Antique Mall with Annie Sloan Paint.

This was the piece I started yesterday. If you look closely you may notice that the top is darker than the bottom. This piece came out of house that had a fire. It was very dry and took two coats.

I finished with a little more than half a can.

I started around 1:30 and by 4:00 I was putting on the wax. I even had time to chat with customers during the process.

I love how the dark wax brings so much texture to the paint.

This shows how much difference the dark wax makes. It really gives it an Old World, rustic look. I like that look, but I don’t mind it with just the clear wax. That is what makes this paint and the waxes so much fun. There are just so many techniques you can use.

This is the finished result.

Tomorrow after 1pm I will be painting the vanity in Duck Egg blue over Primer Red.

Thanks to everyone that has stopped by to watch. It has been fun meeting everyone and sharing tips and tricks.


Get Ready To Paint…

Central Florida…Are y’all ready to paint some furniture???

I’m fully stocked with all of the Annie Sloan colors (minus the 4 new ones that aren’t in the US yet). I have clear and dark wax, plus the Annie Sloan books.

Are you tired of those builder grade kitchen cabinets? This is the easiest paint to work with. You could transform your kitchen in less than a week.

Once you see how easy this paint is to work with, you will want to paint everything in your house.

Tomorrow at the Tavares Antique Mall…

I will be painting this piece with Annie Sloan paint. For those of you that want to see how easy this paint is to work with, please stop by between 1:00 – 5:00. You will be amazed and inspired.

As some of you might know the Tavares Antique Mall will be closing on August 31.

More News…Coming Soon…Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Yay! I can finally tell the rest of my BIG news…I’m going to be a Annie Sloan Paint Mini-Stockist…

I know that a lot of you are just itching to get your hands on this paint and we are working hard to get everything in stock and High Falootin’ Junk open. Those of you that aren’t yet familiar with this paint, you will be amazed at how user friendly it is and will want to repaint everything in your house and then go hunt for more goodies to paint.

Make sure you scroll down through my blog and go to my Facebook Page to see more pictures of the furniture that I have painted with Annie Sloan Paint.

Y’all have a great hump day…I will be painting away…


New Loot and Adventures With Annie Sloan Paint

There is so much cool stuff in the works that I just can’t wait to tell…but I have to.

Here are some things I can share…

Isn’t the color fabulous? It’s Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue

I started working with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints a few weeks ago and I really love it.

This is what I started with and I have re-ordered twice since. The colors are great and the texture and finish is amazing. I am so happy that I tried this product because it really solved a lot of problems I had with standard latex paints.

I really have two main styles that I focus on and those are mid-century and french styles. I am not a purist or traditionalist in either style. I am constantly stepping out of the box with color choices and redesign techniques.

I wanted this piece to be kind of risque or sex in the city-ish. Traditional and avant garde colliding. I envision it in a dining room with heavy, silk damask drapes and sexy low lighting.

The next piece is a Heywood Wakefield ReDesign…

painted in Annie Sloan Graphite and finished with clear wax, I was able to buff the finish to a super smooth hard finish.

I doubt that I’m the only one that has used this paint for modern pieces, but I will say that it is well suited for it since the paint is fast drying and  you have the ability to buff the wax to a super hard finish.

I am working on a Bernhardt Sideboard, Gun Case, French Arm Chair and Dresser this week. Along with all the other new changes in the works…its going to be a busy week.

Good Luck Junkin’