Holy Cow!!! It’s 2012


Whew! What a year 2011 was. So much has changed in one year and yet I see 2012 being a year for even MORE possibilities. I have this uncanny and completely accidental way of meeting soooooooo many people with the most amazing talents. It truly is what keeps me moving forward.

As many of you might already know, I have a small store in Mount Dora, FL that specializes in painted furniture, antiques, vintage goodies, as well as new home decor and fashion accessories. Within the small town of Mount Dora I am surrounded by so many other amazing artists and entrepreneurs that I can’t help but be inspired and to be pushed beyond my comfort zone. I will admit that having a store in the downtown Mount Dora area keeps me so busy that I don’t have enough time to blog or keep up with my Facebook page, but I have at least 50+ people a day walk through my door. Between helping customers, painting furniture and pickin’ for the next great score, I just fall short on the social media side. It’s not that I don’t love my long distance followers, but I have to ration my time and I  feel strongly about giving customers in the store the full experience.

So what is in store for High Falootin’ Junk in 2012? Well, we have all kinds of ideas and plans. The biggest plan is to house the retail store, working studio and warehouse under one roof. This plan is in the works and will (crossing fingers and toes) be a reality in 2012. It is so hard for us to share the whole concept of what we do in the 550 sq feet retail store, especially when we have 2500 sq feet of warehouse space pack to the rafters with good ol’ junk that we want to share.

It is hard for us to show every side of what we do with such a small retail space and we do a LOT! We have many different styles that we focus on and we will admit that we did stray from our original (and personal) style of the mid century and industrial style and went some what off course with a lot of French styles. We view this digression as another quixotic moment or a journey which let us explore other realms of our design styles (I do have multiple design personality disorder). I love the lines of the French styles and I appreciate it and will continue to procure the style to resell, but it isn’t where MY heart is…which IS truly in Mid Century and Industrial design mixed with a rustic/farm element. (that sounds dangerously close to Retro Cowboy, lol) Anywho…we hope that our future space will be able to accommodate all of the styles we enjoy in separate vignettes, but until then I will just have to mix it all up in one teeny tiny space.

We will also be starting the workshop series back up this month, so make sure that you check our online store for the dates and to reserve your spot for the furniture painting workshops.

Too-da-loo for now…