DIY Custom Burlap Memo Board

We have so many things to finish at the new studio, but it gives us a chance to blog about some easy DIY projects. This particular one was inspired by a pin found on Pinterest by Two Twenty One. My was just a wee bit different. You know I have to be different. I couldn’t simply follow the instructions. I always need to reinvent the wheel. So here is what I did…

DIY memo board

1. 1 Yard Burlap Fabric…I had some left over burlap fabric with super cute white dots that I’m using for my cornice boards (posting later this week)

2. I bought a cheap cork board in Jo-Anns (with coupon $7)

burlap pin board1 copy

3. Then I cut the burlap to size allowing for enough to wrap to the back of the frame.

4. Apply Mod Podge over the entire cork board including the frame.

burlap pin board2 copy

5. Place fabric over cork board. Smooth out fabric. Allow a few minutes to dry.

6. Tack in nail heads skipping space equal to size one nail head. I laid one in between for easy guide. I used some french nail heads from a previous headboard project. They were WAY too long, but I wasn’t about to buy more when I have a 1,000 of these left over.

burlap pin board 3

7. Apply more Mod Podge to top of fabric. Allowed to dry.

8. Staple the fabric to the back side of frame with staple gun.

9. Cut off excess nail on nail head. If you’re using normal size nail head or tacks this step in not necessary. I’m just frugal and use what I have lying around.

burlap pin board 5 copy

10. Pin stuff on board (old school style) and enjoy!

memo board2 copy

hfj vintage office copy

Check back later this week for my post about creating a vintage office on the cheap!!!


Gypsy Dreamin’

We’ve been seeing a lot of red lately…specifically…Emperor’s Silk Red by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. If you haven’t already noticed, I really love red and turquoise and once again have gone a little crazy with it. I’m pretty sure they have hidden the red paint from me now.

Gypsy Dreamin

Pippy Long Stockings Chandelier

Red Table

Red Bird Chicken Wire Jewerly Frame


Enamel Top Red Table

HJF Booth at Adjectives Market

HFJ Heart Marquee Light

HFJ Booth June Red

Anchors Away


I Love To Move!!!

Yes, I know that sounds crazy, but I do. I love moving. I really enjoy being in new environments and having new visual stimulation. Maybe I should give you a little background info so that you don’t think of me as a complete maniac. My degree is in city planning and historic preservation. I worked as a county planner for a couple of years before I went running and screaming out of my not-so-creative cubicle and returned to the trade show world.  Anyway, I love downtown environments no matter how big or small and now I live in Mount Dora which is the cutest little downtown in all of Central Florida.

Pic Courtesy of City Data

This was our old house in Howey- In- The-Hills. It is a typical 1950s Florida Ranch in a VERY quiet town. The closest grocery store is 12 minutes away. Now I know that sounds lovely to some of you, but I grew up on a farm in the middle of Podunk and it took 10 minutes to get to a major road and a half an hour to a town with a grocery store. Needless to say, when I turned 18, I moved to the big city of Orlando and fell in love with downtown living, but as I entered my 30s I returned to my roots and endured rural living. Until now that is…now I am officially a Downtown Dweller.

I did give up some luxuries to live downtown…like 4000 sq feet, a pool and a nice half acre lot in Howey- In- The Hills, but those luxuries were becoming a thorn in my side. Who has time to clean all of that? Especially when you can be doing other things like having a martini after work at the Goblin Market or watching a movie in the park or stopping by PizzAmore for a glass of wine on my walk home.

This is our new place. It is only 3 blocks from our store, so I can walk to work. Which is exactly what I did this morning and this is my new view…Sorry for the poor picture quality, but I was literally taking these pics with my iphone as I was walking to work.

This cute little book store is next door to me.

This cute little Craftsman Bungalow is directly across from me. It’s for sale! Don’t you want to be my neighbor? OMG! I just had a Rollins Alumni moment. Mister Rogers was a fellow Rollins Grad and if you did not “get” that…then you are way to young, lol. Ask your mom about Mister Rogers or better yet look him up on You Tube.

Anyhoo…back to the walking tour…

I love old wooden churches. They just don’t make them this way anymore.

Gypsy found a HUGE fire hydrant. She is loving downtown life. So many new smells. LOL

This is the super cute Maison En Ville Bed & Breakfast.

PizzAmore is totally going to be my after work spot.

Donnelly Park

This amazing Queen Anne is Donnelly House, which is the home of the Masonic Lodge.

There are so many styles of architecture in the downtown area. I can’t wait to dig into the history of each building. (as if I have time to do things like that)

5th & Donnelly Street at 9:30 AM. It is so calm at this time and all of the shop keepers are preparing for the busy day ahead.

This is the front of the building that houses High Falootin’ Junk.

So after my brisk morning walk, I have finally arrived at my store.

Are you ready to move to Downtown Mount Dora? It is absolutely charming and I have very high standards when it comes to neighborhoods. That is why they call me High Falootin’.

Check back on Monday for more Mount Dora info. I will be featuring different businesses and events every Monday. I’m thinking of calling it something extremely original like Mount Dora Mondays or Monday in Mount Dora….I’m soooo creative with blog titles…NOT!


First Official Day @ Our New Location

Our new store is located in The Renaissance Building at 411 N. Donnelly Street in Downtown Mount Dora.

WOW! We had a great opening day and now we get to rearrange the store because we sold a couple of big pieces of furniture. Yay!

I was able to meet a few of my blog followers in person, which is always fun.

And of course we played with the paint…

I can’t wait to see everyone that plans on coming tomorrow.



Furniture Paint Workshops

 Updated: The Mount Dora store is now closed. Please check more current post for location and hours.

Upcoming Workshops in Mount Dora, Florida

with Annie Sloan Mini-Stockist High Falootin’ Junk

More Workshop Dates To Be Announced Soon…

You will learn six different techniques using Annie Sloan Paints and Waxes. All materials are provided and you will get to take home your sample boards. This will be a really fun class that is suitable for all levels of experience with painting.

After this workshop you will want to paint everything in sight. You can transform your entire home with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  This class will teach you how.

We Want To Put You On The Invite List…

We are going to have a huge Grand Opening Party @ the High Falootin’ Junk and I want to invite all of my blog land friends, so make sure your are on “The List”.

Also, if you are wanting to attend a Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Workshop, I would like to know. Please leave a comment to let me know you are interested. I am currently working on the scheduling for the first workshop in October.

New Loot and Adventures With Annie Sloan Paint

There is so much cool stuff in the works that I just can’t wait to tell…but I have to.

Here are some things I can share…

Isn’t the color fabulous? It’s Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue

I started working with Annie Sloan Chalk Paints a few weeks ago and I really love it.

This is what I started with and I have re-ordered twice since. The colors are great and the texture and finish is amazing. I am so happy that I tried this product because it really solved a lot of problems I had with standard latex paints.

I really have two main styles that I focus on and those are mid-century and french styles. I am not a purist or traditionalist in either style. I am constantly stepping out of the box with color choices and redesign techniques.

I wanted this piece to be kind of risque or sex in the city-ish. Traditional and avant garde colliding. I envision it in a dining room with heavy, silk damask drapes and sexy low lighting.

The next piece is a Heywood Wakefield ReDesign…

painted in Annie Sloan Graphite and finished with clear wax, I was able to buff the finish to a super smooth hard finish.

I doubt that I’m the only one that has used this paint for modern pieces, but I will say that it is well suited for it since the paint is fast drying and  you have the ability to buff the wax to a super hard finish.

I am working on a Bernhardt Sideboard, Gun Case, French Arm Chair and Dresser this week. Along with all the other new changes in the works…its going to be a busy week.

Good Luck Junkin’


Two Ton Tessie

We dropped off  Two Ton Tessie at my dads shop so that she can begin her restoration…

I love projects and I have always had a project vehicle. I come from a automobile lovin’ family and just one look around the shop shows that project cars are a family affair…(even my ex works on his race car there)

This is one of Bretts (my son) cars

it is a ground up restoration…

Tessie wont be this lucky…since she is my junkin’ truck she is just going to get the basics like disk brakes, lowering kit, AC kit, and a radio with an iPhone hookup…cause I MUST  have tunes.

I can’t wait to get her back on the road and off on her first junkin’ expedition, but until then I will just have to visit her and take pictures to keep y’all updated on her progress.

P.S. If any of y’all find a cute little vintage trailer in Florida, I’m on the hunt…