Texas {Music} Tuesday – Hayes Carll & Josh Abbott

Some of you that are new to my blog might be wondering what music has to do with junkin’ & antiquing, so let me school ya on the way I see things. Music, fashion and interior design all go hand in hand for me. It is truly a lifestyle. There is very little, if any separation between these three elements. Music is a soul thing for me. It feeds my soul and makes me feel certain ways. It has always played a huge part in my life and so has fashion and interior design. A good song is like putting on your favorite pair of boots and comfy jeans; its comforting to the soul. As for Texas Country Music…well its more Americana than anything else. It is roots music that is more genuine than anything that could ever come out of the Nashville Music Machine. Just check it out for yourself….

This weeks Texas Country artist is Hayes Carll. He just released his latest album KMAG YOYO and I opted to download the whole thing which is a rarity for me, but Carll has never let me down, so I took a chance and I feel like I scored big for $9.99. Here is my favorite song of the album.

I am also very excited to get out of town this weekend and see one of my fave TX Country Bands….Josh Abbott Band will be playing in Atlanta and I will be road trippin’ northbound 6 hours to see them. Their song Road Trippin’ seems mighty appropriate for this weeks Texas Tuesdays.