Texas Tuesdays {ALL Things Texas}

Due to my crazy, hectic life I have decided to combine my other blog “Will Work For Boots” and this blog,  I hated to give up the popular topics that were on the other blog, so those topics will have a new home on this blog. On “Will Work For Boots” I did Texas Music Tuesdays, where I featured a different Texas Music artist each week. I will talk more about the Texas Music Scene a little later on, but for now I will just say that if you haven’t heard it, your missing out.  Anyway…since I’m combining the blogs I figured that I would expand the Texas Tuesday theme and talk about all thing’s from the Big O’ state of TEXAS including…



Just to prove that Texas IS the style center of the universe, OPI has come out with a new line of Texas inspired nail polish colors. I need ALL of them, but I only ordered Don’t Mess With Texas and Austin-tatious Turquoise. Won’t they look amazing with my Gypsy Soule Flip Flops?

Pic Courtesy of Just Nice Things
Pic Courtesy of Just Nice Things
Pic Courtesy of Just Nice Things

and Western Decor…at it’s finest

like this chair

Steel Strike Leather

and the Marburger/Round Top Antiques Week


Pic Courtesy of Amy Boland

This is just a preview of what to expect from Texas Tuesdays.

Now y’all come back ya hear?


No Plans for Tomorrow? Come visit us at the Tavares Antique Mall

I will be at the Tavares Antique Mall tomorrow for a couple hours around lunch time. Come on over…say HOWDY and pick ya up some good ol’ junk.

While you are there make sure you check out my booth and Cary Martins jewelry. Here is a snippet of what you will find.

Cary Martin Designs

Cary Martin Designs

Cary Martin Designs

Cary Martin Designs

and of course don’t leave without checkin’ out the High Falootin’ Booth

High Falootin' Booth

Have a great weekend and good luck junkin’




Ready to play Cowboys & Indians {new loot}

Vintage Western Toy Display by High Falootin’ @ the Tavares Antique Mall

Remember the days when kids played outside? I know it is hard for kids these days to image surviving without a computer, video games or a smart phone, but we had fun playing with simple toys that required imagination. So here is my tribute to old school toys and by old, I mean REALLY old school.


Good Ol' Toys

Roy Rogers Camera & Breyer Horses

Vanity Fair Record Player- Ohio Art Litho Tin Playset - Puncy Pony Pull Toy

Kilgore Private Eye Cap Gun

Viewmaster Model F

Y’all make sure to stop on by the Tavares Antique Mall and see all of the really cool antiques and other good junk!

If you see something you like and are not in the Central Florida area then please email me at highfalootinjunk.com for more info. Most items can be payed for via paypal and shipped the same day.


We Have Moved In {Tavares Antique Mall}

Were Here…

and just in time for all of you that are out antiquing and junkin’ this weekend during the Renningers Antique Extravaganza. The Tavares Antique Mall is only 15 minutes away from the Mount Dora Event.

Good Luck Junkin’


Were Moving In {To The Tavares Antique Mall}

We have a major announcement

We will be moving into the Tavares Antique Mall beginning on Jan 18th and will be ready for the Art Around Town Event Jan. 21st @ 5:30. This is a great event and we are very excited to be showing off our booth for the first time at this event.

Come out and see our booth and  join us for a really fun event.


Cowboys & Indians

Hand Carved Indian

This is a one of a kind piece. It is a great decorator/collector piece for any western, cabin or rustic ranch style home. He is $125.


Hand Carved Indian

He measures 16.5″ tall x 12″ wide x 7″ deep.

Side Profile of Indian

Back of Indian

just to complete the theme I have a The Outlier by Remington and Remington Collector Plates

More New Loot {Turquesa Grande}

Turquesa Grande is indeed a grand desk. He is almost done. I’m waiting for drawer pulls. It’s the story of my life…waiting that is. I’m always waiting for something. Anyway, this guy is rough and rugged but pretty…if that is at all possible. I tend to think so…


Turquesa Grande

The Drawer pulls will be a Spanish/Mission style cast iron.

Top of Turquesa Grande

Contact me to reserve before he is listed on my Etsy Store.

Be High Falootin this year!


Frederic Remington “The Outlier” {New Loot}

I am a huge fan of Frederic Remington and I have a framed giclee  of The Outlier for sale. I plan to have the frame replaced with something more substantial and fitting of a western painting. With the current frame $99. The new frame will probably cost another $100.

Frederic Remington "The Outlier"

MoRe NeW HiGh FalOOtin’ gOOdiEs!

I have tons of new stuff just in. It will take me a couple days to get everything posted, but here is a snippet of what is to come…


Hand Crafted Metal Horse

I love this guy. He has so much character…a charming rustic decor piece for horse lovers and a great deal for $120.


Rustic Handmade Horse

Frederic Remington China Plates by Gorham


These collector plates are of Fredirc Remington’s famed Western Paintings. They were produced by the Gorham China Company. I am selling them as a set of three for $89. The set includes…


Frederic Remington "The Flight"



Frederic Remington "Aiding a Comrade"

Frederic Remington "Aiding a Comrade"

Frederic Remington "The Fight for the Waterhole"


Childs 13" Western Saddle


I am planning on using this saddle for decorating purposes but if anyone is interested I will sell it for $99. Otherwise, it will end up being used in one of my buckaroo rooms that I will be starting on soon.

Well that is all for today…I will be posting to my etsy and eBay stores later today. If you are local send me an email and you can arrange to pick up in person and save on shipping costs.

D~ Merry Christmas and good luck junkin’

NeW LooT! Vintage Wagon Wheel Lamps{update:SOLD}

New Loot!!!

VeRy RaRe Vintage Wagon Wheel Lamps

by Bradley Manufacturing Co of Bandera, Texas

These are perfect for your little Buckaroo’s room. He will dream in Wild West Technicolor with these Vintage Wagon Wheel Lamps. These are very rare and in very good condition.

They create a really cool glow through the painted shades.

They are oak with aluminum trim around the wagon wheels.

I have them on my Etsy page for $125 each, but if you contact me through this blog I will give you 25% off, which is an amazing price because if you Google search for Vintage Wagon Wheel Lamps by Bradley Manufacturing Co you will see that just the lamps WITHOUT the shades {which are the most rare feature} are $225…just saying